Monday, July 6, 2009

this is what i do

people have asked me numerous times this summer upon finding out that i'm presently unemployed...

" what do you DO?"

well, aside from feeling a bit like a bum...i actually keep pretty busy. i'm rarely bored at least. i spend a LOT of time alone. nathan works about 30 hours a week, during which time, i'm almost always alone. i rarely feel like 'wow, THAT was an incredible day', but the time passes quickly enough. when it's nice out, i go biking, hit up the gym, go for walks, read in the park or take pictures. lately, it seems like its been mostly rainy so i've stayed confined to my room a lot. i play video games, read, paint, cook, clean, organize, run errands, surf the i plunked on my guitar a little. it's not great, but its not terrible either. i just get a little uncomfortable when i don't have a lot on the go, much less...nothing.

i suppose i could volunteer or something, but maybe i'm just not motivated enough. i certainly could and should continue my job hunt...but it feels so pointless now that i will be back at the wall in less than two months. especially considering, i'd like to take two or three weeks for other adventures. just the same, i'm starting to think...lie in order to get a crappy job, work it for a couple of weeks and then quit. at least then i don't have to be so stressed about money. and whose feelings am i so worried about hurting anyway?! people do it all of the time without a second thought. it's not like any crappy summer job i pick up is going to be reference or resume-worthy anyway. so, that's what i'm thinking. i just need a day where i feel like i won't get caught in lightning so that i can walk up to the school to print off a few more resumes. every little bit will help at this point!

in other news, nathan passed his g1 test and plans to write his g2 test by the end of the hopefully we should get the car by then! i'm so excited for this! yes, it will cost us a bit of money for gas and insurance and whatnot [not a big deal once i'm working full-time], but it offers us such FREEDOM! we're hoping to drive it to nathan's cottage in madoc at the end of july, and then to toronto mid-august for the llama photo shoot/athena's great summer adventure! wheee!

most days i'm good with entertaining myself, but today i'm getting a little stir-crazy. i'm really due for a sunshine-y day.

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