Wednesday, June 3, 2009

grad weekend

throughout most of university i've said that i didn't care much for the graduation ceremony. i was here for my ticket and the good times, and i've always said that the ceremony was too long, hot and boring...intended more for parents really. of course, i always planned on attending my own graduation...for my own family of course, but it was never something i really looked forward to. until now. today, i've decided that i'm quite looking forward to this day [which just so happens to be friday]. i mean, i still expect the ceremony to be long, hot and boring, but i don't hold the same contempt that i held for...say, my high school graduation.

i'm quite proud of my accomplishments this far and i'm excited to reward myself with a special day. i'm excited to spend a little time with my family on MY turf for once. i'm excited to watch my friends graduate and to rejoice in their accomplishments. i'm excited to smile lots and take lots of photos. i'm excited to receive lots of hugs and well wishes. i DESERVE this praise! i've worked hard for this. and of course, when it is all said and done, i'm excited to party! nathan and i are having guests over for pre-drinks and bbq, before hitting up the wall for cheap rye and bud light lime.

saturday is third fuck chicks, we just wanna dance porch party which is SURE to be a good, silly time filled with lots of dancing and hopefully some faces i haven't seen much of in the past while. sunday nathan and i are hoping to roadtrip-it to sudbury so that i can finally meet his dad, and get in touch with that part of his life.

all in all, i'm really looking forward to this weekend! :)

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