Tuesday, June 2, 2009

still stylish

dear people of north bay,

if you're into vintage/second hand and ever find yourself stranded at the bus station downtown for an extended period of time, i encourage you to venture into still stylish across the street. it's a VERY small thrift store and is extremely hit or miss but the owner is cute and it is so, SO cheap that it is always worth checking out. especially if you're stuck waiting across the street anyway. i have been visiting this place pretty regularly for about six months now, and finally made my first purchases today. i got a cute top for 60 cents and an amazingly cute skirt for 80 cents. a top and a skirt for a $1.40...you just can't go wrong!

on a different note, i believe little amadeus has passed on :(. he just couldn't hack life without a shell it seems *sigh*. funeral arrangements are currently being made.

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