Tuesday, May 19, 2009

too busy living to work

i don't have a job. i also don't have a lot of money. for this reason, i should be working a lot harder to find a job...but i've found much more interesting things to do.

i spent the long weekend out at denny's cottage in temiskaming. i was pretty excited to be invited and to have an adventure, although at first i was a little nervous to go. i was scared that i was going to get really bad anxiety, especially because i knew drinking would be involved and that that would lead to hangovers. and i'm FAR more likely to panic when i don't feel well. i didn't want to spaz out around that many people, while in the middle of nowhere. i overcame any nerves though [as i have been a lot lately] and had a super fun weekend! even though it was pretty cold, there was a wood stove, lots of booze, lots of people and lots of laughter, so i don't think anyone got down about the weather. i took lots of picture of landscapes and drunk people that can be found on facebook.

next weekend i'm heading home with nathan for my baby brother's birthday [hardly a baby anymore], and amy's...holy crap...WEDDING! she is my first 'close friend' who is getting married, and while i'm not at all surprised, it's still pretty incredible. i mean, getting married is a pretty grown up thing! but i guess that's what we are now. grown ups, i mean. i love weddings though, regardless of whose it is...but i'm especially happy that it's amy's. it'll also be lovely to see jessi, and to hopefully show nathan a little bit more of the place where i grew up. i'm also planning on spending a night at my grandparents, and i know my papa is excited to put on a fireworks show for us, so that should be fun :).

in a few weeks i graduate! and then at the end of june, i'm planning on going to nathan's cottage for like a week. i want to hit up toronto at some point soon. i'd like to volunteer for nso at the beginning of july. and then for the long weekend in august, i will go home for lughnasadh. mid-august there is sarah and kayli's birthday and then before i know it, it's the end of august and my birthday and staff training for the wall starts. so, i've got all of these little adventures planned that getting a job might interfere with! i would feel bad taking a job just for a few months, and then booking off so much time. still, i was thinking of just getting a crappy part-time job at wendy's or something so that i will have a little bit of spending money. gah, i just one of the places that i've already dropped off resumes would call me. that would be sweet.

it's raining a lot and i'm watching what not to wear [i totally want to be rich enough to have a super makeover- new hair, new clothes, new shoes, new jewelery, new make up...yes, yes, yes!!]. i was going to go to the gym today, but it's really crappy out, so i think i will just hide inside and relax. i'd like to go birthday shopping for my bro tonight. perhaps other people would be bored with so much free time...but i haven't been yet. not even a little bit.

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