Wednesday, May 20, 2009

curse you technology

for the past little while, people have mentioned occasionally that they've had trouble phoning my number. it says that it has been disconnected, even though it isn't. most of my calls go through just fine, and i use my phone very little so i always just sort of shrugged it off. but then i got a thing in the mail today from rbc saying they tried to call me to talk to me about that job, but my phone wasn't working...and i got to thinking...that pretty much any person who has tried to call me outside of my my5 hasn't gotten through. nathan's work. my grandma's cell. a few others. so then i got to thinking...dropping off resumes has been virtually pointless up until now, because potential employers likely haven't been able to contact me even if they're interested. uggggh. so now [and by now, i mean tomorrow] i have to go back and call them and try and earn myself some interviews. i just hope it's not too late!!

the good news...i'm not resorting to wendy's quite yet, aHA!

and for even more good is so, so excellent outside today! i didn't get up to the gym today like i had hoped, so i think i will go for a nice long bike ride while nathan is at work. i might even take some photos now that the world is looking a little greener :).

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