Thursday, May 21, 2009

in defense of the genre

after my most recent, somewhat whiny post i sort of got thinking...who cares? who cares about the day-to-day habits and musings of athena? if you're going to put energy into writing something, shouldn't it at least have a little depth? or perhaps a little focus? like those people that have blogs devoted strictly to vegan recipes or their appreciation for star wars or what have you...afterall, i have been blogging for nearly TEN YEARS [true story]. you would think that with my being a seasoned veteran there would be more to it than this. but no. i've always kept it simple. humble. honest.

for nearly ten years, i have shared my daily activities, thoughts, hopes, goals, and fears. i've confided in the written word when there was no person to turn to, or when i was simply too scared of a face-to-face confrontation. it's always been for ME first and foremost, although i've appreciated feedback from selected readers over the years. of course, i'm much less angsty now than i was when i was fifteen, scribbling erratic posts about chores, parents and my own personal purgatory. so, when the angst is gone...what is left? well, on a day-to-day might all be rather superficial, but as a whole...i feel like these blogs have been one of the best expressions of me possible. they share my interests, my frustrations and my personality quirks. they've grown as i have. it's been FUN, as much as it has been therapeutic. so, while it gets redundant at times...i think the following sort of expresses what this is all about...

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