Saturday, April 18, 2009

wish you were here!

- i love thrift shopping. i've been finding some really great stuff lately, although it never fails that i overlook things when i'm there, and then spend days kicking myself for not spending the $2 and just buying it.
- i chopped off even more hair. i think i like it, although it is VERY short. it makes me feel...taller? if that makes sense?
- i finally did my taxes! meh.
- i've applied for some summer jobs with the mnr and the conservation authority, although i'm more interested in getting a good serving or bar tending job at this point. gotta drop off resumes next week!
- i also need to officially move out of the ghetto next week. moving is succcch a pain, although i am looking forward to organizing all of my possessions and finally having enough dresser's to store nathan and i's abundant clothing collection.
- i'm in the process of switching to soy milk. for those who have already made the switch, what are your favourite soy brands?!
- done on tuesday. like totally. pretty excited about that. of course, the last exam will be followed by the FIFTH ANNUAL LONG ISLAND ICED TEA PARTY! five years, and this will be the first time that I'M the one writing the final exam. my heart has high hopes.
- i need a vacation. badly.

ps: in case you haven't noticed, i've tossed up links (on the right) for my tumblr and livejournal. my tumblr is mostly photos, web comics, quotes and lyrics that i stumble across. i also try and put up a daily song for your listening pleasure. my livejournal is reserved mostly for lyrics, and for communicating with other livejournal users.

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