Monday, April 20, 2009


i don't really care that it's 4/20. i don't smoke weed.
i also don't care that it's hitler's birthday. hitler was a bad person. why would i want to celebrate him?!
i certainly am not inclined to celebrate the columbine shootings.

since, everyone seems so inclined to make today a celebratory day...i figured i would look up some things actually worth celebrating...

- first night of ridván, the most holy bahá'í festival
- 1836: wisconsin was created!
- 1862: louis pasteur completes first test of pasteurization
- 1972 apollo 16 (5th successful manned lunar mission) lands on the moon
- 1976: my former heart throb, joey lawrence was born! "woah!"
- 1992: freddie mercury tribute concert took place at london's wembley stadium
- 2008: danica patrick became the first female driver in history to win an indy car race

and best of all...
- 2009: the day athena prints her directed study and the last day of studying for exams!!! now THAT is cause for celebration!

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