Thursday, April 23, 2009

keeping with traditions

well, i feel like i should have a lot to say.
i mean, let's face it, i'm at a pretty intense point in my life. the end of an era! maybe even more than that...

so, maybe it isn't all that surprising that i am completely speechless.

i'm sure the feeling won't last.
in the meantime, i've been enjoying many social drinks while trying to get my life in order. i've sort of neglected it while being so focused on school.

over the next week, i need to...
- completely move out of my other house in the ghetto
- drop off some resumes
- have a meeting with dan to discuss my directed study [he's still looking over my rough copy, so i'm not TOTALLY done yet]

i'd also like to meet with the bank to get my finances in order, and hopefully make an appointment with live once to finish up my rib tattoo.

so, i'm done. but i'm keeping busy.
i'm feeling pretty optimistic about summer., i guess. after graduation, there really isn't 'summer' and 'school' anymore. it's but i'm pretty excited to embrace that. i feel like i've been continually coming into myself lately, and i've got my amazing boyfriend by my side. i can do anything.

ps: i want a what not to wear makeover. or rather, i want to have lots of money to spend on lovely new clothes. that would be great!

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