Sunday, April 5, 2009

suing for laziness

wow, i feel like the sedentary lifestyle associated with 'crunch time' is going to kill me. i realize that it would probably be more beneficial and productive to take an hour off, and go be active, but for some reason i beat myself up over the idea. i tell myself i'm making excuses, and i probably am. and i realize that if i have the time to blog...i have the time to go stretch or run or something. but any moment that i don't spend at least making an EFFORT to be productive, is a moment that i'm beating myself up and stressing out.

three more weeks until i'm done everything. i hope. as i sit here and sort through my directed study research, it really does seem like an impossibility that i can get this done in time. i tried to schedule my time this afternoon, and looking at the calender, i SHOULD be okay, as long as i put in legitimate hard work every day until this is done.

so, in the meantime, taking breaks to discover my inner athlete out of the question. although, i think i might try to squish in a few short yoga breaks. i feel like i've gained a million pounds, lost all flexibility and am on the brink of getting bed sores from sitting so much.

i'm actually happy that it snowed and has been so crappy out. it's a lot easier to lock myself up to read and write when the sun isn't shining.

i'm the first person to admit, i'm not the most active person. but i sure am looking forward to summer so that i can go biking, and swimming, and walk for hours, and yes...maybe even run.

ps: i'm sorry that most of my entries have been so focused on school lately. i realize they must be dreadfully boring. unfortunately, that's sort of where my head is at right now. rest assured, there are still all sorts of exciting thoughts running through my head. when i have more time i will share some of them with you.


nocturnAL said...

I can't wait to read about all this excitement. I wasn't a Nipissing student so I don't know what this 'crunch time' is all about. However, my sympathy goes out to you.

Don't beat yourself up over taking time to blog. I found that it's a good break from your daily ordeals. It's nice to vent.

I wish you all the best in the future. I know you will do great things. It was great to have one last bash with all of you Northerners. I had the time of my life and I will be sure to visit in the summer and once the school year rolls around.

the name's athena said...

you HAVE to visit this summer. summer in the bay is nice...but it's visits from beloved guests such as yourself that make it truly memorable!