Thursday, April 9, 2009

somebunny loves you

i found out yesterday that i've been accepted to grad school. i had decided months ago that i was no longer interested in the mrem program, or going to grad school this year, but i was still very, very proud of myself when that letter arrived. i also realized, that i very rarely feel 'proud' of personal accomplishments. it's a pretty nice feeling! i've worked really hard throughout school, and i worked really hard on my application. i feel a lot better taking time off knowing that i COULD have gone to grad school in september if i wanted to. i will also feel a lot more confident next time i apply!

in addition to my acceptance letter, and almost as exciting...the marvel civil war comics i ordered earlier in the week also arrived! i love amazon :]. and i am so excited to actually have the time to read them!!

i just wrote my environmental history exam this morning. i wasn't feeling exceptionally confident going in, but i felt very relaxed writing it and pretty good leaving it. nowwww i have about a week and a half to do nothing other than writing (and FINISHING) my directed study, and preparing for my final exam on the 21st. it'll be nice sleeping in every day, and not having anywhere to be, and even though i have LOTS of work ahead of shouldn't be that bad :].

right now, i'm enjoy an afternoon of crappy tv, video games, subway and beer. i think i will take a nap soon. pretty stellar afternoon if you ask me! i should probably be working, but after my recent accomplishments, i am not going to beat myself up too badly if i don't start writing until tomorrow...

things are winding down, the snow is melting (again), and as stressed as i still may be...i'm feeling pretty good right now.

happy easter boys and girls.
i hope the bunny treats you well!!

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