Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i can almost hear the ocean

once again, i am re-evaluating [almost] everything.

i don't really feel like getting into it until 1) i've had some more time to mull things over, and 2) i've gotten my directed study underway, and won't be racked with so much guilt for wasting precious time blogging.

i CAN say, that each day that i'm closer to the end of school and the start of summer freedom, more joy builds up in my heart. i think it's safe to say that i've barely even hit my crunch time yet, but i'm about ready to take it head on. it will be my last, afterall.

well, my last until grad school at least.
i'm thinking...international development?
i'm surprised it didn't come me sooner. this is one of those things that i need more time to dwell on though.

ahhh, post-undergrad. what a time!

[on a completely different note, my crabbies are the cutest ever! they're all marching around and being adorable, haha]

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