Tuesday, February 24, 2009

should've known it all along

WHY are we so reluctant to listen to perfectly good, sensible advice?!

i feel like the little [and the significant!] things that i have arrogantly shoved aside throughout my youth are starting to kick me in the ass now.

i've always sort of prided myself as being a relatively sensible person. a good listener. intelligent and willing to do what it take to look out for the well being of myself and others. perfectly capable of accepting constructive criticism, and excited for personal growth.

perhaps i'm only just becoming that person.
perhaps i still have a long way to go.

it's funny how as you get older, those things that older people always said...kind of start to make a lot more sense. and maybe they weren't so ridiculous after all. maybe they were just always looking out for your personal well being.

and hopefully, hopefully...they love you enough to stand by while you learn the hard way.

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