Friday, December 5, 2008

living cool

last night was my always much talked about christmas staff party. for wall staff, all of the drinking that goes on throughout the year is pretty much just training for this event. it starts with an open bar [beer, shots, and cocktails] and a buffet until 10:00 when a school bus takes our very inebriated asses to leo's to finish the party. it's always epic and the stories that come out of it are talked about for years to come. i'm pleased to announce that i actually remember it this year!!

anyway, the party itself and the drinking is really just a side note. i got talking to two new staff members last night, and like...i'm just SO EXCITED for them. not only are they now a part of the fucked up wall family, but they're jumping on the roadcrew bandwagon as well. they're making choices that will help shape their university experience. so, i think what really stood out to me at the party this year is how important it is for me to encourage first year students to GET INVOLVED. and i don't mean getting drunk. i mean, joining clubs, talking to people, taking an interest in student politics, volunteering...that sort of stuff. university is an ideal time to find it within yourself to TAKE CHANCES, and in doing so, i think it can be really surprising in how much you learn about yourself and how much you define yourself. the most important things i've learned at nipissing i've learned outside of the classroom.

and that's just the beginning. i mean, these types of things go beyond getting involved at school. it's right up there with being spontaneous, taking risks and just straight up LIVING LIFE. "living cool" as my boyfriend calls it. you want something? go for it! life's just too short not to. of course your shy or nervous or scared...but those are perfectly healthy emotions, and the cost of feeling these things is virtually nothing compared to the cost of regret.

i've learned a lot at nipissing, and my enthusiasm for this school might come off as a little too much sometimes, but you know what? i don't care. this place has changed my life and i feel i have a responsibility to encourage others to make the most out of their experiences as well. and it can't start tomorrow. it has to start RIGHT NOW.

for lots of sweet life lessons, check out this blog: 1000 life lessons. i stumbled across it the other day, and i found it inspiring, heart warming and amusing.

ps: on an entirely different note...i have SO MUCH homework to do before tuesday, and i spent today running errands, painting my toe nails, taking a hot shower, eating vegetable soup, napping, browsing the net, marvelling over how pretty winter is and just generally feeling really rad about life. so i'm not going to feel guilty. from here on out until it is done, i will work my ass off. but the greater part of the day was all about taking some time out for me and it was excellent.

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