Sunday, December 7, 2008

i saw a man pursuing the horizon

i saw a man pursuing the horizon;
round and round they sped.
i was disturbed at this;
i accosted the man.
"it is futile," i said,
"you can never — "

"you lie," he cried,
and ran on.

by stephen maria crane
1871-1900, written in 1895

i stumbled across this today will procrastinating and i'm totally in love with it. i can't imagine how amazing it would be to write something so great that over a hundred years later people are reading it and being blindsided by how much they can relate to it, or how much they understand it. and something so SIMPLE no less.

serious props to stephen maria crane. and his sweet mustache.
now i want to go read all of the rest of his poetry *sigh*.

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and thank you ATHENA - for posting it!