Tuesday, December 2, 2008

bring on the holiday!!

things i'm looking forward to over the break...

- buying presents for everyone!
- going sliding / playing in the snow
- going for walks at night
- sleeping in and staying in bed all day
- having a harry potter marathon
- playing lots of pokemon
- finishing up the half-blood prince (and hopefully starting the deathly hallows!)
- seeing don!
- having a boston night
- zombies!!! the board game (and beer. and PIZZA!)
- spending time with the fam and friends back home
- finally scrapbooking the halifax pictures
- taking up knitting again
- ringing in the new year (maybe actually watching the sun rise this year!)
- making a delicious stir fry
- secret santa gift exchange
- painting some more [i sort of got into it in the summer]
- finishing my rib tattoo

ohhh, the list is endless. it's going to be good.
one more week!!

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