Sunday, November 30, 2008

the crunch

crunch time.
gah, i hate it.

i've got a final on tuesday and then a midterm and a final on wednesday.

i feel like i have no time to study, so basically, every waking minute between now and when i write must be spent studying.

i started this morning at 9am, and after 11 hours i feel like i haven't made any real progress. i'm sure i have...but i don't feel like i have. mostly i just feel somewhat stir crazy and like my head will explode. but if i take a break, i feel guilty and like i'm inevitably letting myself down.

i'll get up tomorrow and tuesday and wednesday and go through more or less the same thing.

i wish i could say i was free after that, but unfortunately i also have a 10 page essay due next tuesday and a 10 page take home exam due next wednesday. i don't find writing as stressful or as mindnumbing as studying, so it'll actually come as a relief compared to this...but i'm still not looking forward to it. i AM, however, looking forward to knowing that in less than two weeks i'm free, free, FREE!!

well, for a month anyway.

anyway, i'm procrastinating. back to the books.
oh, and good luck with your own exams!!

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