Thursday, November 13, 2008

the little details

- mmmm, sleeping in.
- eggs, toast and hashbrowns.
- $40 from the university for being a frosh leader and all! thanks nipissing!!!
- urologist smirologist. there's nothing wrong with me!! hurrayyy!!
- bye bye rogers. hello koodo!! [plus, dad's paying for it.]
- FINALLY finished the order of the pheonix. half-blood prince? you're mine!
- mmm, veg chick'n burg.
- 3 new books. thanks amazon!! [actually, thanks nathan :)]
- one step closer to being totally prepared when the zombies come.
- heart & stroke fundraiser coming along!! [more about this shortly]
- cd collection finally all ripped.
- cute outfit planned out for work tomorrow [cowgirl stylez].
- notes organized.
- dishes done.
- bedroom clean.
- bathroom clean.

noooo homework!!
i've definitely been a homeworkaholic this year. and when i'm not doing that, i'm either being a straight up workaholic or a sleepaholic. in the process of doing these things, the other most basic aspects of my life slowly start to crumble. little messes get bigger and bigger until they're driving me crazy and i'm so unsettled that i can't focus on much of anything. so, now and then, it's nice to have a day to devote to my life. days to run errands and pay bills and clean house and not feel bad about it...most people don't like these sorts of days, but i find them fulfilling somehow. it's SO much easier to pay attention to the more important stuff when the little details are taken care of.

so yeah, today was a good day.

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