Monday, November 17, 2008

college parties

when you pack your life into the back of a truck, move away from home and come to college or university, i don't imagine that one doesn't at least wonder about the parties. even if you're not a partier, i'm sure you consider becoming one, what it might take for you to party now and then, or at the very least how those who DO party will impact on your post-secondary experience. those who ARE interested in partying, anxiously waving goodbye to mom and dad so they can just whip out their two-four, or case of mike's hard lemonade or cheap vodka or whatever it might be, likely have pretty expectations. i mean, high school parties were great, but this is COLLEGE. this is where the magic really happens.

(*note: notice how 'college' is more frequently associated with parties than 'university'? i reckon this is partially an american thing. but, personally, i just think 'college parties' sound way more fun! here in north bay, i've had the unique opportunity to party with 'college' kids and 'university' kids...and i'm going to go out on a limb and say there IS a difference. gosh, i love partying with those college kids.)

annnnyway. where was i? oh, right! the college party stereotype. is post-secondary partying anything like the movies? because the movies are outrageous. well, i guess in SOME places it is. but kids, please remember, this is canada. we don't do frat houses and sororities. but does that mean we don't know how to party?! does that mean that OUTRAGEOUS things don't happen? pfffft, hardly.

if you've come to canadore or nipissing, you should definitely give your school some credit. for a small school, on top of a mountain in itty, bitty north bay, we sure know how to party. we're somewhat notorious, in fact!! and this is not just some romanticized delusion in my own head. i've talked to friends from other schools, i've visited other campuses, and i've met the folks who come HERE to experience a crazy weekend. let's face it...we know how to have a good time.

saturday night was a prime example. as a thank you to the canadore and nipissing frosh leaders, buddah dj'd a kegger at anna mary's and christian's downtown. house parties with dj's? yeah, these are the types of the things that make life in north bay feel like the movies. throw in a keg, numerous 60's, a packed house full of sweaty, swaying bodies, and drinking games, and you have yourself a whirlwind of a good night. now you throw in a little everclear, and your night gets pretty ridiculous. ridiculously AMAZING!

yes, yes, i know...i've supposedly retired from this lifestyle. and i have. had i been at this party a few years ago, i'd probably be throwing up on the nearest stranger and breaking furniture. in a house packed full of some of the drunkest people alive, i remained in control. i busted moves of ridiculous proportions with my dearest friends, my amazing boyfriend and enjoyed the company of friends i've met along the way. and it was amazing!!! in a sense, i think it helped grant me some closure to frosh week, and all of the wonderful things about it that i will miss so much.

leaving north bay and leaving nipissing will be hard. it will certainly be different. i'm trying to brace myself for the inevitable culture shock of real life. BUT, i am so, SO thankful for nights like these :).


AL said...

It was definitely an amazing night for all that attended. I'm so glad that you were there throughout my entire college career. I am truly going to miss you and I hope that we can have nights like this again in the future.

the name's athena said...

aw, we still have time left! we'll make it count!!

as a great, drunk man once said...
al + athena = north bay.