Sunday, November 23, 2008

masquerade ball

formal ticket: $25
dress: $65 + $20ish shipping
undergarments: $46
purse: $13
shoes: $25
accessories: $21
new makeup: $13
updo: $60
booze: $35

feeling like a princess for the evening: priceless

every year, i LOVE formal. i booked this off back in the beginning of september and since this year we're having a spring formal as well in march, i've already booked that off too. i don't go out as much as i used to, but formal is still just too good to pass up. sure, it's at the wall, but that place cleans up pretty nice for formal affairs (and the food is delicious!). the best part though is getting all dressed up and then seeing everyone else all dressed up. i don't know why it's always so surprising that damn near everyone has it in them to clean up so nice.

my ONLY criticism this year is that by the time midnight had rolled around, i was pretty full and tired and they STILL had not played your body is a wonderland by john mayer. yeah, that hedley song is newer and still cute and whatever...but sarah and i have shared a slow dance to your body is a wonderland for the past four years. it's just been a lovely university tradition, that we didn't get to do last night because i just wanted to go home and sleep. so, HOPEFULLY they'll play it at the spring formal. i'd hate for a tradition like that to die in our final year *sigh*.

so, the moral of the story is, formal is and was amazing. thanks to everyone who helped make my night special [especially nathan, the classiest gentleman i know]. if you've never gone, make it a part of your university experience and do it up!! if you went last night, i hope you had a beautiful night. annnnd, i should have photos up on facebook later today if you wanna check those out.

ps: i'm 2 essays, 1 presentation, 1 set of readings, 1 assignment, 3 exams and 1 take home final away from christmas holidays, and i am SO stoked about that. in the meantime, if i've appeared to have fallen off the planet, don't panic...i'm probably just living in the library.

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