Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i've lost you :(

i've lost my cell phone, and i'm feeling a little lost without it. don't get me wrong. i'm hardly a 'phone person' by any means. mine is a piece of garbage in fact. BUT it's a piece of garbage that serves as my link to my grandparents, plan maker, postive-sentiment sender, alarm clock, and general time keeping device. i don't own a house phone and i pay around $60/month for the damn thing.

i wish it was as easy as just buying a new one, but since roger's [like any other phone company i've dealt with] are money-hungry douchebags, i'm pretty sure there isn't a way that i can do this without paying a ton of money and/or extending my contract. i've got roughly one year left on my contract, and i'm rather anxious for it to expire, so i can just start from fresh...with or without rogers [i haven't decided yet]. if i have to pay a lot of money for a new phone that's only going to extend my contract, i think i'd rather just buy it out. gahhhh.

so, basically...i've got my fingers crossed that karma will be good to me and ensure that my piece of crap cell phone finds it's way back to me.


anonymous-9ae said...

Hope you get it back! I lost my cell once, it was returned about a month later (it died and they didn't have the same charger) so when I eventually got it back I had bought another one and just switched it to my contract. I'm so happy my 3-yr contract is up this month with Bell!

I'm with Virgin Mobile now with my newer phone, awesome company!

the name's athena said...

thanks. i put a block on it, so no one can use it...hopefully i find it under the couch or something dumb like that.

otherwise, i think i'm just going to pay the $200 to buy out my plan and get koodo or something.