Sunday, August 31, 2008

frosh leaders

we're the first ones you meet in college or university. we're the ones your parents think fall somewhere between upstanding young adults and completely insane. we're here to answer your questions, carry your things and hopefully settle some nerves. and that's before frosh week even starts.

as the week progresses we aim to try and be support for this awkward transitional time. we want the first week of your post-secondary experience to be one that you will remember for the rest of your life. we want you to find yourself amidst all of the chaos and emotion.

we're outgoing, loud and tend to be terrible dancers. we come off as self-confident and carefree. we work hard and we party hard. we arrive early and leave late. we demonstrate organization, perseverance and commitment.

you don't see the meetings behind the scenes. you don't see the dance classes. you don't realize how hungry we are or how little we slept the night before. regardless of what is going on in our personal lives...we are there for YOU, and will do anything to ensure that you are as comfortable and having as much fun as possible. we do it for numerous reasons, but largely, we do it because someone else did it for us and it changed our lives.

i love frosh week. clearly. i wouldn't be back for my fourth run as a leader if i didn't. coming to university improved my quality of life exponentially, and i want to give back! i love the people i work with and the kids we do it for. i want every shy kid to find their niche. i want the kid who wants to dance, but can't pull themselves off the wall, to just do it and feel comfortable doing so. i love being a mentor and being able to offer advice and guidance for years after frosh week. it feels like i'm doing my part to make a positive contribution and that feels amazing.

but it is hard. can't deny that.

real life and all of the good things and bad things in it need to be put aside for over a week, because for that week...we are not the priority. we have a responsibility, and regardless of what's important in 'real life', we've agreed to be committed to something else for a week. family problems, relationships, financial stress, school concerns...we can't let these things overwhelm us, because when we do...our commitment shifts, and we fail as a leader.

but these things do not go away. real life is waiting for us when we wake up on monday morning, still exhausted, hungover and conflicted between feeling sad and relieved that it's over, excited to get back to the things you used to enjoy and worried about not being able to push aside life's stresses any more.

i'm having a blast.
but at the same time, i am so excited to get my life back in order. it needs some fixing up, and i feel guilty that i can't spend time doing that. i'm really, really excited to see what the upcoming school year brings. i've got a lot of drive and optimism, and i just want to get started. this year could very well dictate the rest of my life...and if that plays out the way i want it to, i've got the world to look forward to.

but the world has to wait. right now, it's all about the frosh.


anonymous-9ae said...

Very committed! I missed out on my frosh last year 'cause I had to work till the last minute earning cash, sounds like I shouldn't have, haha. Hope it's an awesome week!

Fraffy said...

Sounds like frosh this year is going to be pretty awesome. My friend Brian Blunt is a frosh leader this year and I know he was VERY stoked about doing it this year and how much work is put into it. I ended up not going to frosh first year because I was from here and I didn't really know what it entailed (figured it would just be shown around campus and city and all this stuff I already knew) and I definately regret not participating in it after finding out what frosh is really all about.
Hope this years new batch get to experience exactly how amazing frosh is and its awesome that you will get to show them that :D.

the name's athena said...

both of you should do what blunt did [who also missed out on his frosh week] and apply to be a frosh leaders for next year!! lots of people do it as a way to make up for missing out on it first year, and are awesome contributions to the week.