Sunday, June 28, 2009

moving trucks and miniatures

it used to be a little strange and amusing that nathan spent a lot of time hanging out with his professor, because i couldn't really fathom ever having a relationship like that with any of my profs. i was definitely the sort of student who didn't really have much presence in class. i did well in school, but i didn't usually get involved in class discussions or ask a lot of questions. i didn't often take advantage of office hours, and i never stayed to chat after class. this has just never really been my scene, although, i've known a lot of people who have benefited from this sort of relationship and it is definitely one of nipissing's most endearing qualities.

anyway, nathan and his prof are pretty good friends now and hang out a lot. i've gone for a few dinners and some rpg action. his prof and of course is family are all pretty rad. naturally, when they asked for some help with moving, nathan and i were more than happy to oblige.

nine and a half hours of ball-busting work. not one, but TWO giant national trucks full of boxes and furniture. thankfully, there were good people involved and the weather was perfect, albeit hot. it really wasn't that big of a deal. when all was done, i definitely had a real sense of accomplishment to accompany my aches and fatigue. we wrapped up the night with tons of food, beer, sangria and rock band. i gave an impressive rendition of down with the sickness. all in all, it was an enjoyable day and evening.

steve [the prof], is really into comics, and role playing games and miniatures and the like [trust me, i know, i moved close to half a moving truck full of the stuff!]. he said there's probably actually quite a market, even in north bay, for people who are willing to paint miniatures, which sort of gave me an idea for self-employment. it just so happens that i enjoy tedious tasks like that, and have really been interested in painting lately as it is. i used to paint them for my papa and dad when i was a kid. apparently, if i got really good and was able to paint like 4 per hour, i could be making between $10 and $15 bucks an hour!! well, that's not bad at all considering the nature of the work. since i'm still pretty inexperienced, i'd be willing to do it for even less than that...3 figures for $10 or something like that. anyway, its something worth looking into. i need to do a little research and get some practice to ensure that i don't completely suck first.

as for today, it's a grey sunday and every part of my body feels achy, so i'm definitely going to be a bum all day long. i plan to play animal crossing, start a new jigsaw puzzle, make homemade mac and cheese, watch movies and clean up my digital music collection. MAYBE, if i get real ambitious, i'll work on this cookbook recipe project that i have planned [more about that on another day!]. lazy? perhaps. but after all of my hard work yesterday, i've earned it!

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