Sunday, May 31, 2009


i woke up this morning to find parts of crab limbs in my tank. it appears that i'm experiencing my first crab molt! poor little amadeus looks very...fragile at the moment. i was scared that he was dead [i'm still a little scared that he will die], but apparently that is common. the exoskeleton pieces that i found were hollow so i think everything is happening according to plan. it's going to be VERY hard not to disturb him for the next few weeks! a lot of crab owners isolate their crabs, but i don't have the resources for another tank, and i don't know if i use the plastic pop bottle technique that i will have enough room to offer him food and water. my other crabs aren't overly big or confrontational, so i think i will just try and let him be and let nature take his course. wish him luck!

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