Saturday, May 30, 2009

live long and prosper

i really wish that itunes would stop sending me error messages, refuse to update my ipod and then freeze up my computer. i downloaded the ani difranco discography today [i'm not really sure how i hadn't done this sooner because i do love her so, so much] and i want to be able to listen to ani on the go! thankfully i have a very large and diverse pile of music on my ipod right now, so i can surely get by without updating it...but i shouldn't have to. oh, the injustice.

i just finished e-mailing out a few resumes [garage, curbside fries and the sears portrait studio], and have a few places i'd like to go visit in person, including a florist shop downtown. HUGE props to this website. if anyone is looking for work, i recommend checking it out!

now i'm about to go to the movies and watch star trek again. i'm not usually a see-it-twice person, but sometimes exceptions just have to be made. on a similar note, if anyone would like to give me the money so that i can go to vegas for the star trek convention at the beginning of august, that would be sweet.

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