Sunday, May 3, 2009

misc. nerdiness

well, school's done. i'm all moved. and my first round of resumes have been distributed. now it's a waiting game...what have i been doing as of late? i'm not entirely sure, but the boredom surely hasn't set in yet!

- i've been reading a lot of books lately. i recently finished one called love is a mixed tape: life and loss one song at a time by rob sheffield (he writes for rolling stone and blender). as cheesy as the title is, i really, really enjoyed this read. sure, it definitely appealed to my emotional side (full of romance and tragedy), but it also reached out to the music lover in me. it's a pretty quick read, and i think it only cost me like $10 on amazon. i'm totally recommending people check it out...especially music lovers.

- i've also been reading the marvel civil war comics as of late. they include everyone's favourite marvel superheroes, torn between remaining anonymous, but potentially causing more problems than good and actually registering with the government so that superheroes can basically be well-respected civil servants with a pay check. the whole registration idea is tony stark's (ironman) and he gets spiderman on his side, although captain america totally isn't loving it. well, that's where i'm at right now anyway. nathan and i have bought a ton of these comics, and hope to pick up the rest of the series when we're feeling a little wealthier, haha.

- i've been going to the bar a lot lately, which is a little odd for me considering that i haven't gone much in the past year, am short on cash, and don't really drink a ton anymore. it's been fun though! i've been just having like 3 or 4 beers, and enjoying getting out. i try to keep my summer motto somewhere along the lines of: just say yes. wanna do this? yes. wanna go here? yes. even if i don't really want to. hell, ESPECIALLY when i don't really want to. kind of like the movie yes man, except i invented this summer theory a few summers ago. if i've got nothing to lose...i might as well just do it. excellent summer's don't create themselves!

- last night i went to mike p's birthday party, which was pretty fun. nathan and i drank some of our wine, and i learned a fun, silly new drinking game, which would probably still be pretty fun, even without the drinking. plus, there was delicious vegetarian sushi (i've added 'make home made sushi' to my list of things to accomplish this summer). i always enjoy going to his house and admiring his star wars toys and record collection. it always makes me want a HOUSE house. no more shitty student housing.

- yesterday was a day of random, yet very thoughtful gifts! sarah bought me some really adorable pineapple wine stoppers, and nathan got me some excellent sparkly fish earrings, and a 1500 piece puzzle of some horses. call me grandma, but i've been itching to do a puzzle for quite some time now. these gifts came out of nowhere, with no real reason, but i'm very, very appreciative :).

- it's a little chilly and overcast, so i think i will make today a productive one. i need to reorganize all of my boxes that i've moved over here to better conserve space. it's all still in a state of chaos, and knowing that there are piles of chaos lying around the house unsettles me (even if our new room is remaining comfortable and clean- love, love it!). i also need to finish putting the final touches on my directed study. i met with dan earlier in the week, and he was very impressed and gave me a very good mark. he told me if i made a few changes, he might even bump it up a little, which is nice because dan is the first one to admit, he is reluctant to give out high marks. i'm pretty sick of school, so i don't know if i will make enough changes to boost my mark, but i'd like to just clean it up a bit, mostly for my own benefit. these things are perhaps not FUN, but they keep me busy, and are good for offering some peace of mind as i move forwards.

- thursday is the premier of the new star trek movie. i'm insanely excited about this, as i've always been a trekkie; however, on the same night maude barlow is doing a presentation about bottled water at the elk's lodge. considering her interest in protecting water, naturally i'm a HUGE fan of maude barlow's work. i saw her speak at the school last year and she was so great! sooo...kirk and the gang might just have to wait until the weekend *sigh*.

fun fact: the mask worn by michael myers in the halloween movies is actually an altered captain kirk mask! [perhaps it's common knowledge, but i just learned this so it's exciting to me].

ah, enough with my rambles.
i'm going to go eat tofu and rummage through boxes.

yes, this is a fun summer.

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