Tuesday, April 28, 2009

movin' and shakin'

i finished school a week ago and it has taken me almost this long to get my life moderately organized. i figure another week should do it. my first priorities have been [as they are for most students], 1) getting a job, and 2) moving. somehow neither of these tasks have been completed, although i am making progress!

i've applied for some jobs with the mnr and conservation authority. i also sent my resume to mike's mom who works for the mto. she has forwarded it to many important ministry-folks [this always makes me think of harry potter]. i've also written up a bunch of cover letters and resumes for serving/bar tender positions, although i have yet to distribute them. that might be the plan for today, since nathan is at work and it's rather gloomy out. as bad as it might seem, these are the jobs i'd actually LIKE to get. they're laid back, not on contract, easily accessible and guarantee me good money. while i definitely need experience, i also definitely need money. since dalhousie has extended my offer for another year, i'm feeling confident knowing that one way or another, i CAN go to grad school next year if i so choose.

as for moving...ugh, who likes moving? it's such a pain. i've been breaking it into shifts doing a few hours a day, and FINALLY all of my possessions are packed up and ready to go, so it's just a matter of doing it. hopefully this will happen this evening. i meant to do it yesterday, but in the process, nathan and i decided to switch from our basement bedroom to the upstairs one, so that took up most of our evening. i really love our new room though. not only is it close to the bathroom, but it has a big window that lets in lots of light, and has a huge closet with lots of storage space. plus, moving always reduces clutter which is nice :D. so, i'm sort of in between moving houses AND moving rooms at the same time, but over the course of the next week i should be all settled in.

i'm still waiting to hear from dan about my directed study. i handed it in to him a week ago to look over the rough draft, and i thought we were supposed to meet yesterday, but i haven't heard from him. mind you, my paper is rather lengthy and i know he has been very busy with marking and whatnot. still, i'm concerned that if i wait a really long time to get back to it, i'm going to have lost my focus. i'd really just like it completely out of my hands. besides, i'm really curious to see what sort of a mark i can pull off on it!

the only mark i've gotten back so far was environmental history, in which i did really well. i usually do decent in school, but i felt extra proud of this one because, as one of two geography students in class full of history die-hards, i felt really out of my element. i thought that might hold me back but instead my grade turned out to be well above my average. always good!

the past few days have really reinforced for me that...this is the end of something. but, it's also the beginning of something new...i'm keeping busy, and keeping my chin up. i'm hoping that when things slow down a little i don't get blindsided.

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