Wednesday, May 6, 2009

damn, it feels good

i love when i have an especially delicious meal where i can lean back, smile and think 'damn, it feels good to be a vegetarian'. lucky for me, i have these on a regular basis. i pride myself on not pushing my lifestyle choice on others, but it can be a little hard to show some restraint when ignorant meat-eaters [and i am NOT suggesting that all meat-eaters are ignorant], give me a hard time without stopping to consider how GOOD i eat.

tonight's treat was a portebello mushroom cap burger with feta cheese and roasted red peppers, bbq'd and served on a whole wheat pita bun. on the side i had a delicious baby spinach salad and homemade iced tea [significantly tastier than store bought iced tea]. SO tasty. perhaps a little weak in the protein department, but i've been eating a fair bit of tofu as of late, so i'm not too worried about it.

ahhh, i love summer && bbq's.

on a totally different note, i contacted the royal bank today to make an appointment to get my post-university finances sorted out, and the guy i talked to asked if i needed a summer job! i told him that i did [like everyone else it seems], and he said i can expect a call sometime over the next couple of days from the lady in charge of such things. bill had hooked me up with some jobs with TD a few summers ago, but i had turned them down when i started working...somewhere? i forget where. anyway, i hadn't since given much thought to looking into venturing down that road since i don't really consider myself properly qualified to work in a bank. it really would be excellent though. not only are banks air conditioned and have amazing hours, but the rbc is super close to home as well! it might not be a job i would LOVE, but it would definitely get me through the summer, and it would sure beat flipping burgers. i hope it pans out well as i have yet to receive a call back from any of the places i dropped off resumes...

works well independently and in a group, enthusiastic, quick learner, optimistic, punctual, accountable, hard working...i know these are cliche statements from any resume, but i seriously have these qualities! whether it be behind a bar, rockin' the drivethru or even at a bank...i can do it! i can learn! somewhere HIRE ME, please!!

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anonymous-9ae said...

I'm guilty of eating meat but tofu just "does things to me" and I can't seem to get enough of it!

Kudos on eating healthy!