Saturday, March 21, 2009

the warmth of spring

the sun has been shining, the snow has been melting and everything is warming up and looking a little brighter. of course, with the arrival of spring comes my rapidly diminishing motivation and initiative. i'm down to two 12-page essays, finishing up the group portion of my impact assessment project and of still, unstarted directed study. i suppose i've been foolish to put it off this long, but it is not like i haven't been committing hours and days and weeks and MONTHS to the library and hard work. there is just SO MUCH. but it WILL get done. it will ALL get done. hopefully, before the weather gets significantly nicer.

it feels like more than the weather has been sunny though. i'm just feeling a lot better about...everything. i think moving has helped. i think my decision to take a year off before grad school has also played a significant role in this. i just feel really, really GOOD in a time when i should be stressing out.

we'll see if i'm still feeling so optimistic three weeks from now...but hopefully!

now, back to the essayage. happy weekend boy and girls! it's crunch time, but i promise...we will all survive it!

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