Sunday, March 22, 2009

some new things

this weekend has been really nice, for a weekend with no partying.

friday i got the news that my run as a frosh leader is in fact NOT done yet! i've been invited to be a csrc frosh leader, and i feel so, so lucky to have been given the opportunity considering i won't be in school, and i have NEVER attended canadore. they were short experienced leaders though, so of course i am more than happy to help! this opportunity with canadore seems to have breathed new life into frosh week for me and i'm more excited than ever. to make things even better, nathan will be a team leader for canadore as well! it will be his first time and i'm really happy that he will get the experience. this officially makes me the person with the most runs as a leader...a fact that i'm pretty proud of :]. now i need to come up with a clever 'celebrity'-themed team name...

yesterday my mom, brother and ray came to visit me, and i really, really appreciated it! in the past five years, i think this is only the second time they have come for a visit, and it was very nice to see spend the afternoon with them. i took my brother to west 49, where he got himself a dc hoodie and pair of shoes. they are pretty much the first 'brand name' things he has ever owned, and i think the first things he had ever picked out for himself, so i was pretty happy to see him so excited about it. mom also bought me a cute pair of flip flops, so now i need the snow to go away!! we went to cecil's for dinner, and even though i didn't get what i actually ordered, i enjoyed myself. i really like the menu there. it's really diverse and has lots of vegetarian options...and it's reasonably priced!

i took advantage of the car to go out to keesha's den, where i picked up two new, VERY active crabs, some new substrate and a new bulb for my heatlamp. one of the crabs is much bigger than my others, and he is pretty entertaining. the downside is that it easier for him to pinch me, and he took advantage of that last night :(. it doesn't hurt too bad, but i get very offended.

i wanted to make an appointment with live once to finish my rib piece, but i forgot, so hopefully i can get there sometime this week. dave will be moving in the summer and i really want him to be the one to finish it up, so i need to get in before he goes!

last night i stayed in to work on my impact assessment essay. i just started it yesterday, but i'm already half done, so i'm hoping that i can get it more or less finished today. i was feeling kind of bad because i didn't really do any homework all week, so i feel like i made up for lost time. i'm hoping that by the end of next weekend i will have both the impact paper and my resource management paper done, and then all i will have left is my directed study!! VERY exciting. it's pretty hard to believe that there is only two weeks left of school! of course, there will still be exams, but mine are spread out enough that i'm not stressed out at all.

tonight i'm supposed to go to nathan's professor's house to play d&d. i've never played before, but i'm pretty excited to learn. i've played similar games before and i've always enjoyed them.

homework, new crabs and d&d. definitely a good weekend!

ps: if you have a tumblr, lemme know. i'd love to follow you, haha.

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AL said...

I find it amusing that you get offended due to crabs pinching you. LOL. Cute!