Wednesday, February 4, 2009

NUSU elections

in case you haven't noticed the bajillions of signs, or the flashy t-shirts, or the free candy, or the guitar playing, or the treadmill running, or the class speeches...NUSU elections are upon us! and in five years, i don't think i have ever seen such flashy, creative campaigns! ladies and gentlemen, they want it bad this year.

so, i hope you don't need the reminder to get out and VOTE! read the platforms, talk to the candidates and get out and do your part to make sure YOUR MONEY is getting spent in a way that represents you the best.

each year, such a small percentage of students actually takes the 2 minutes it takes to cast their vote and get involved in student politics. let's change that. NUSU needs YOUR VOICE!

and please remember that this isn't a popularity contest. this isn't your highschool SAC. there's a lot of money on the line here. a lot of responsibility. and the outcome can play a pretty significant role in your university experience.

so get informed, grab your student card, and hit the polls today and tomorrow between 10 and 6:30!

i sure did. and i surprised myself a little.


Anonymous said...

Of course this was a popularity contest. Just look at who actually won the election!

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous...if you don't think this is and always has been a popularity contest, then you are livin in the clouds!