Monday, February 9, 2009

how to survive the morning

i've never been the sort of person to sleep all day, but i loathe the sound of an alarm in the morning. i like to go to bed at a reasonable hour, and i like to wake up at a reasonable hour. i do not believe that anything before 9am is 'reasonable'. if i could wake up really early at my own free will every day that would be a totally different story, but i really, really can't stand when the alarm insists on so rudely intruding in my personal time. morning air is cold and making myself look presentable is a chore. having to rush makes the whole process exponentially worse. BUT, after 18 years of school [good god], i've come to really appreciate the things that ease the discomfort of getting out bed in the morning, and this post is a praise to them.

- tea. i've been making my own and bringing it up to school and it is a lifesaver. not only is it happy, warm and delicious but it saves me the pocket change of buying one at the school. this also limits the need for human interaction first thing in the morning.

- breakfast. i rarely make the time for it, but when i do, i can totally see why it is the most important meal of the day. it really does make the crappiest of mornings a little brighter. i love, love breakfast sammiches with egg, cheese, spinach and tomato. hash browns also go a long way in winning over my heart. on days i work, i can get breakfast for $1.70 and it is awesome.

- picking out clothes the night before! this sounds juvenile, but if it lets me get an extra 15 minutes of sleep...bring it on! i mostly do this on really early mornings [anything before 7:30]. i take out everything, including socks and underwear, so i just have to throw it on in the morning. i usually don't take that long to get ready, but it's always on an early morning where i find myself feeling the most indecisive.

- fluffy socks, sweatpants, sweaters and scarves. one of my biggest beefs with an early wake up is how effing cold it is! if i feel warm and fuzzy, it is MUCH easier to make the bed to life transition. on a similar note, i like to crank the heat in the morning, and then just turn it down again before leaving the house.

- music. plug in, tune out. probably the biggest lifesaver of them all. while i usually prefer pretty, acoustic-y type stuff, first thing in the morning i tend to like obnoxious, loud music [the blood brothers and protest the hero are morning favourites].

ahhh yes, so there it is. rise and shine beautifuls.
you're alive! so that's a good start. plus, the eddies are on placement!


AL said...

I apologize if I was a little loud this morning (6:00am). Lol. I've noticed that the floor in the living room is quite the squeeker. Other than that, I am pretty much the same regarding organization, breakfast, etc. I do, however, love Tim Hortons if I am able to get it.
My favourite morning song is I am Hollywood by He Is Legend.

the name's athena said...

i rarely sleep at home so you can thunder around as much as you would like, haha. besides, if ANYTHING were going to wake me up, it would be your SNORING, haha.