Saturday, February 28, 2009

farewell frosh week

i'm really impressed with the frosh leader lineup for next year! i think the teams are matched up really well, and that the personalities will compliment each other phenomenally. my only complaint is...that i'm not on that list.

it's surreal to think that that era of my life is over. i loved having that opportunity to impact students, and i will miss so, so many things about the week. i almost feel as though i am grieving and have been tempted to turn to former frosh leaders who have moved on with their lives, but somehow i think that even some of the biggest presences might not quite relate to how i am feeling.

i feel like for all that frosh week gave me, perhaps i just didn't leave a big enough impact. which is ridiculous really. i've got at least a half dozen kids who proudly speak of the impact i had on their university experience. i mean, how amazing is that?! i had the opportunity to make an IMPACT and i did. THAT is what frosh week is all about. those relationships. and i should be more than satisfied with that. i suppose i guess i just wish that i could keep making that impact...and of course, having these amazing people continue to impact me.

of course i realize that my opportunity to leave a positive impression on people's lives does not end with frosh week, but i am disappointed that i will have to seek new ways in which to this. frosh week was a really unique opportunity to express parts of myself that often lie dormant, and to test myself and to learn and of course to have a truly stellar, fun time.

so frosh leaders, love every moment with the zest and enthusiasm you are known for. you're on top of the world! but don't forget...first and foremost, this is all about the frosh, and the more you put into giving to THEM, the more YOU will take out of frosh week.

it'll be over before you know it.

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