Sunday, January 18, 2009

my week at a glance

- i had the privilege of seeing youtube's jon lajoie (of 'everyday normal guy' fame) at the wall. i worked during the show, and it was INSANELY busy, but that didn't stop me from laughing SO hard at his songs and stand up. plus, i got PAID to be there. sweet, right?

- after replacing many hours of sleep with physical labour, i got to enjoy uss & illscarlett. both put on a stellar, high-energy show, and had i been slightly less tired, i think i would've greatly enjoyed thrashing around in the mini-mosh pit. again, i enjoyed this for free with the additional perks of free food. prop's to steve and his always-amazing minestrone band soup.

- osap came in AND i got paid from work. i am still seriously, seriously considering buying a macbook. i probably don't need one, but i'm thinking it might be a worthwhile investment just the same. if anyone has a mac and wants to give me some feedback, i'd love to hear it!

- i got my reference letter from dan walters, more or less finished up my personal statement and cv for grad school, and will be picking up my other reference from dr. abbott tomorrow. this thing will FINALLY be sent out tomorrow, and couldn't be more excited to be rid of it, so i can get back to stressing over my current classes.

- had an AMAZING time repping it as a 'flaming meatball' for winter classics '09. in my opinion, winter classics is one of the best social events put on my nipissing, and everyone should try to get involved in it. we made it to the semi-finals for most-spirited team, and while we didn't win it, i think i can safely say that everyone on the team had a total blast drinking drinks and playing in the snow. i definitely missed the 'justice league', and at times felt somewhat traitorous to have disbanded the team, but it was a pleasure to not have to deal with the responsibilities of putting together a team.

- veggie patty subs from subway are the BEST thing ever, and i could probably eat one every single day and never get sick of them. it always baffles me how other sub places (*ahem* mr.sub) can't even begin to compare to subway's awesomeness!

- watched the movie 'teeth'. despite the positive review's i had read, this is one seriously EFFED UP movie, that left nathan and i both rather unsettled. in short, it's about a girl who has evolved to have teeth in her vagina (similar to a sea lamprey), as a defense mechanism against the assholes who want to rape her, and her creepy, perv of a step-brother, who also wants to nail her. while this might sound messed up, it doesn't even begin to give this movie justice. weird, weird sundance flicks...

anyway, i go to this tiny, little school on top of a mountain in northern ontario, and in one week i got too see a hilarious comedian (for free), rock out at a sweet concert (for free) and play in the snow with friends, while getting completely shittered. at the same time, i feel confident in the education i've gained while applying to grad school and have received a ton of help and advice from amazing professors. why wouldn't anyone come here?!

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