Wednesday, October 1, 2008

moving forwards

i'm really happy with life right now, and i'm even happier with the direction that it appears to be heading. for most of my university career, i've been scared that the best years of my life were rushing past, and that graduation would be the beginning of the end. keep in mind, other than knowing that i liked the environment, i didn't know what i wanted to do career-wise. i had no attachment to any particular place. i didn't really want a family. i didn't want to get married. i felt like i was something that could never be loved. on one hand, i felt like i had nothing to look forward to and on the other hand i had placed this pressure on myself that i had to be something great.

in the past year, my whole perception of the future and what i want it to be has changed. i'm now EXCITED to graduate! i want to go to grad school and there's only one place i want to do it-- dalhousie university in halifax [still torn between the MES and the MREM program though]. i'm hoping that this will lead to an exciting and enjoyable career in water management that will help me improve the state of the world. at the same time, i'm eager to have a home to call my own and would like to eventually get married and have a kid or two. i'm hoping with all of my heart that i have already found the person that i will do these things with. now THAT is an exciting reality.

as i scramble around trying to make the most of the present, while trying to plan for my future, i can't help but feel a genuine sense of peace and inspiration. between school, work, clubs, partying, relationships and the administrative side of life, i barely have a second to breathe, but at this point, it's satisfying.

ps: on an almost completely different note, the final stages of the zombie club are coming together. if you're interested in joining and haven't already contacted me or signed up for the mailing list, go check out the group on facebook! we can expect to be having our first meeting next week!!


Casey said...

my boyfriend is an environmental technician and looks after our drinking water :)

the name's athena said...

he should hook me up with some sweet volunteer work!

Nigellious said...

It's great to hear that you have a focus; not just a career, but life in general! Congrats

Anonymous said...

hey athena! great addition to your blogs :).. I'm so proud that Lee is following his heart and going through for environmental engineering..water treatment and the like!..from 8-15 I was a vegetarian (although probably an unhealthy one) not getting the right vitamins and such..but iv since been trying to educate myself on it and hope to start cutting things out slowly and getting a bit healthier! I cud probably use some advice from you! lol. I do love chocolate soymilk and buy it regularly ;) veggie burgers and garden veggie skewers... haha this is getting long. anyways kudos to u
Joc <3

Anonymous said...

p.s that shud have gone under ur vegetarian blog lol