Sunday, September 28, 2008

finding the middle ground

wow, i really wasn't kidding in all of my talk about parting ways with alcohol. to be honest, although i talked a big game in the summer and even in september, i really wasn't sure how i'd fare once school started.

last weekend, i made an attempt to go out and attend alexander keith's birthday bash at the wall [weeks too early, i might add]. i didn't have a great night and i left early so that i could wake up early on saturday. on saturday night, i attended a couple of house parties in honour of nathan's birthday, where i drank, but neglected to cause a scene and opted instead, to remember my evening. this was actually a fabulous evening and i could do with more nights like it.

this weekend, i was a flat out bore. friday evening i enjoyed a delicious nacho feast with nathan and tyler, but then went home and retired to bed early, seeing as how i'm still sick and felt it would be best to recuperate a little. not to mention, i didn't really make an effort to arrange any sort of plans for the evening. last night, i was hoping to go to cecil's after i finished working the ymca gala at the wall, but i got out later than expected, and while 11:30 is hardly too late to go to the bar, i knew that by the time i sat down for a moment, ate and got ready, it would either be too late, or i just wouldn't have much of a good time, so once again, i went to bed relatively early.

i wish i could say that my weekend has at least generated a lot of homework completion, but unfortunately it hasn't. i suppose i have been rather busy with work, but i don't like to make excuses and hopefully i'll get a fair bit done today. i rather enjoyed last sunday and wouldn't be at all disappointed if today proves to be half as relaxing.

in other somewhat related news, i DO seem to be making some progress in some other aspects of my life. i've been in communication with both a representative from dalhousie and a current student of the MREM program, in an effort to decide between that and the MES program. they have been SO helpful, and i'm really hoping that i get accepted [although i have been formulating back-up plans].

in preperation for gaining relevant volunteer experience for graduate school, i've contacted the north bay stewardship council and the north bay-mattawa conservation authority in an effort to arrange to do some volunteer work [hopefully in my 'field'], so i'm pretty excited about that. now it's just a matter of making the TIME to do volunteer work.

i've also been keeping myself busy on campus. i've finally joined the environmental action committee [eac], and i think it's going to be a very positive experience for me. it feels nice to do something a little different on campus and i think it'll be a good opportunity to meet some interesting new people. last week was our first meeting, so i'm interested to see what and who this week will bring. of course, i'm hoping that this also looks good on my dalhousie app.

i've also agreed to me a member of the nusu street team, to help plan events on campus through nusu. i pretty much have always done this, but now there is an official title, and we will be having meetings. i think it's a really great idea and it's organization makes me feel glad that i voted marianne for vp student life. hopefully it'll bring more ideas to the table and ensure that there are more awesome opportunities for students to get involved!!

lastly, i know you're all curious about how the zombie defense club is shaping up [YES, i am still being serious about this]. we have a list of interested members, and i've made up brochures, although we still haven't become 'official' through nusu/csrc. whether this happens or not, we still plan to run the club, even if it's without funding. now, if i had it my way, we would've already e-mailed everyone interested and maybe even have had our first meeting, but i'm not actually the one in charge, although i have been trying my best to push the issue. i'd really like to arrange a 'zombie walk' on campus, before halloween!

i guess, to summarize, i've been very busy, but i've just been rearranging my priorities. less drinking and more interest in clubs, volunteering, homework, quality time and planning my future. still, i'm a little disappointed with my weekend [perhaps i just don't like to give myself a break], and hopefully can arrange some sort of party plans for next weekend. nothing CRAZY...just, something. as always, i will continue to find the balance between working hard and playing hard. it's my last year at nipissing and i don't want to leave with any regrets.

ps: props to toothpastefordinner for today's picture. i freakin' LOVE this comic. well, i used to. i must confess that over the past year or so, it's pretty much gone so far down hill that it rarely draws so much as a half-smile out of me, but if you check the back dated comics, they are hilarious. i have all of my favourites saved on my laptop :]


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I dont think I can really get across in words just how stoked I am.

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if sean doesn't get his ass in gear soon, i'm taking over. i might need help.