Friday, August 8, 2008


this past week has gone by much faster than anticipated. i've laughed a lot and i've cried a lot, and i've been given a LOT to think about. the older i get, the more i learn how little you can take for granted, and how important it is to treasure the few things that you can.

i'm heading back to north bay armed with gamma's most important life lesson's, and some new perspectives on ALL of the people whom i hold most dear. i guess the imminent reality of losing a loved one really has an impact on the way one sees the world and the people in it. i imagine all of the traveling i have planned for the next few weeks, will give me lots of time to mull things over. call me an overly-sentimental sap, but at this point, i'm just itching to get back to the bay for some heart to heart action.

on that note, i should probably get packing!
lots more to come soon.

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