Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the rewards of quiet time

while it sucks to spend an entire day in the library studying for an exam (ESPECIALLY after a late night), it is always pleasant to spend a day with conor oberst, the bloc party, horse feathers and some of my other friends.

yes, i'm on the verge of my breaking point...i'm getting very, very sick of school and am losing motivation at an astonishing rate...but there are some days where i actually find hanging out at the library very pleasant. i love to learn and get inspired and be surrounded by glorious, glorious books! additionally, i feel very good about myself when i am productive and when i'm working under pressure like this, i have no choice.

on a similarly academic note, i have just found out that my grad school application has been approved by the resource and environmental management program, and has been submitted to the dean of graduate studies for approval. this news made my tummy feel very fluttery with excitement, even though i have pretty much made up my mind to put grad school on hold. just because i am not interested in going this year, does not mean that i am not interested in getting accepted! i would feel much, much better about choosing to take the time off knowing that i was accepted, but simply chose otherwise. the program is pretty competitive, so i am not celebrating yet, but it is still nice to know that i made it through phase one.

i'm actually leaning more and more towards finding some sort of food and water distribution type program, rather than a 'management' based program. i'm really not into 'frameworks' or policy-making or the like. all of the management classes i've been taking have been dreadfully boring and i find the whole thing really dry. so, i'm not entirely sure WHAT exactly i want to do. but i feel pretty good about giving myself some time to decide.

now, coincidentally enough, i should get back to studying for my resource management test. wish me luck....on everything!

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