Friday, January 2, 2009

i've got crabs

those who know me well, know that since the 11th grade i have had this odd fixation with crustaceans. it started with a my trademark cartoon, a few lame 'crabby' puns, and naturally evolved into endless 'crabs' jokes. but all joking aside, i really do love them! i think crabs, lobsters and the like are adorable [hence my themed bathroom]!! they look like little aliens and it's wonderful!

anyway, this year, my friends and i did a secret santa gift exchange, and my room mates got together and got me two hermit crabs [i've named them johann and sebastian], a tank and my basic supplies!! i realize how much this cost [especially after making a trip today to pick up more supplies] and their generosity astounds me, and i am so, SO thankful! i am LOVING having the joy of crabs right in my bedroom! they're pretty fun little pets, and basically turn me into a little kid with an obsession. i'm going to pick up a couple more crabs on the weekend, hopefully :].

i've been doing a lot of reading up on-line because i don't really know the first thing about caring for crabs. it's actually quite the task, but i am so up for it! i'm all paranoid at this point, because i don't really know their personalities yet and i just want us all to get along so badly. i realize it will certainly be trial and error for a little while for the crabs and i, but i'm confident that i can really get into this, haha.

anyway, while i always imagined myself growing old and becoming a crazy cat lady, i figure, i was a little off the mark. granted, i DO love cats, but their pee smells and i don't want to live alone. i am definitely more of a crazy crab lady!

crazy crab lady's can have family and friends...right?!

[this is my very own little crabitat!! (you can actually see little sebastian to the left!)]


Cole fournier said...

Crabs and Lobsters....
Also Delicious.

onelovehockey said...

i quite enjoyed the title.. it made me chuckle on the inside..

the name's athena said...

'crab' jokes don't really get old!