Saturday, December 27, 2008

wrapping up the holidays

it's back to the bay tomorrow and i am so, so excited!!

i can't stand living out of a suitcase, and being torn from some of the most important people in my life during a time when quality time with them matters most. of course, i understand and appreciate the importance of family over the holidays [especially this year with my grandmother's failing health]. i just wish i could get the best of both worlds.

i'm currently planning a special dinner for nathan and i to celebrate. i've decided on what i hope will be a delicious spinach salad with eggplant parmesan and garlic bread. with both of us being vegetarians from non-veggie families, the holidays haven't really been the feasting opportunity for us that they are for most people. i'm very okay with this because i would never expect to have other people cater to my lifestyle choice, but it will be nice to enjoy some great vegetarian food together!!

i was really hoping that we'd be able to do our gift exchange tomorrow as well, but as i did pretty much all of my shopping for him on-line this year...the presents might have to wait. i thought i had ordered early enough, but i guess this is a pretty hectic time of the year for the post office, and they still haven't arrived. they certainly won't arrive tomorrow on a sunday. i'm really disappointed about this, because i feel like it makes me seem sort of thoughtless somehow. i wanted to do it while there is still a glimmer of holiday spirit left. worst of all, i know nathan is really disappointed, which is the last thing i want when presents are concerned!! but i DID order them, and they ARE coming and they WILL be excellent, so i guess i just need to be patient.

i'm a wee bit hungover after ray's family ho down last night, so i think i will spend the rest of today lying in bed, watching movies and perhaps eating asparagus melts. hangouts with michelle later this evening which i am very, very excited about! not sure what we're getting up to yet, but i hope that i'm feeling a little better than i am now :S.

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