Wednesday, October 29, 2008

full shoes

fourth year student, grad school hopeful, waitress and occasional bartender, road crew member, frosh leader, nusu street team member, environmental action committee regular, zombie defense club vp, friend, room mate, girlfriend and family member...

"active blogger" used to be on the list, but even with self-declared wicked time management skills, i confess i have been slacking; however, in my defense, i haven't missed an assignment, i've stayed on top of all of my readings, i've studied hard for tests and i've made it to most of my classes. additionally, i work at least 20 hours a week, try and get in as much quality time with friends and boyfriend as possible, and still manage to get full night's of sleep!

there are lots of things i wish i had more room time for one! but i feel like i'm actually living a productive life and that's satisfying. i see my hard work now as an investment for my future...a future that is still more or less uncertain, but undoubtedly exciting!

so, for those of you who just can't wait to see what i'll come up with next...hang in there! i think things are starting to wind down (just in time to start picking up again!), so the best is likely yet to come :). now, i suppose i should get back to my history of the north american environment lecture...

ps: despite my hectic lifestyle, i still make time to creep a lot of you nipissing bloggers. so far, it's been interesting. thanks for providing me with reading material in the driest of classes :)

a softer world.

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