Monday, July 21, 2008

the first betrayal

why this guilt?! i've been a committed deadjournal user for about seven years now, and despite better features offered by other 'blog'-hosting sites, i can't abandon seven years of revelations, frustration, amusement and self discovery. well, at least not until this contest came along...

nipissing is running a contest where you can win cash, gift certificates, a lappy or some other goodies for BLOGGING of all things. no boring essays or paying to mail in transcripts for the slight hope of winning some obscure scholarship or bursary. i mean, this is already a hobby...something i enjoy and do without any reward or compensation. i can get paid for this?! hell yes. sorry deadjournal, but i'll x-post my shit if need be.

it might be sort of nice to be able to interact more with a broader range of readers within the nipissing community via this interweb nerdiness. additionally, i am hoping this might be incentive to write posts with a little more substance. don't get me wrong, i'm not here to impress. for the most part, these entries, will be very similar to those that i have been writing for all of these years. while my words may come off as self-absorbed and redundant, i most certainly am not. this journal is still mine and while i encourage a selection of readers to peek inside my life, it is at it's deepest level, my own little therapy, written for me first and foremost. whether i'm talking about the days events, trying to understand life's little foibles or enjoying a stereotypical emo vent session, this is often the outlet that pulls me through. here, i can discuss things in ways i do not necessarily feel comfortable doing so in 'real life' with real people. here, i do not make my own thoughts and troubles other people's issues. here i can share my thoughts with the world! and it feels good.

i realize most of you know nothing about me. perhaps that's what makes all of this so interesting. because for better or for worse, you will. but that will have to wait until another day.

in the words of my ridiculous boyfriend,
peace out homeskillet slice dawgs.

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